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Shenzhen Gissen Technologies Co., Ltd was founded in 1999. The company is orientated on R&D, manufacturing and sale of Hot-Pluggable optical transceivers.We devote ourselves to provide advanced optical communication components for end-users. We can provide the user comprehensive optical module solutions for Datacom applications, including all kinds of transceivers which can support up 100m to 120km, such as GBIC、SFP、BIDI、CWDM、DWDM、CAB-SFP、XENPAK、X2、XFP、SFP+ and so on. Our products are fully compliant with various kinds of switching system, and can be widely used in IP LAN、MAN、WAN、Telecom.
With broad product selection and innovative technology as core competence, Gissen Technologies has been the reliable supplier of optical modules of choice for all major networking equipment vendors. Our products feature outstanding performance over extended voltage and temperature ranges, while minimizing jitter, EMI and power dissipation.
Stand at the forefront of optical transceiver products:The historical records of Gissen Tech

The establishment of Gissen Tech is from high-tech markets of communication technology with high-speed development which emerged at the end of last century. In 1999, Gissen Tech was set up meanwhile with a new strength born.

Shenzhen Gissen Technologies Co., Ltd was founded to provide users with high-quality hot-pluggable optical transceivers.

Through improving R&D level continuously, Gissen Tech delivered commercial GBIC-T optical module as the first company in
domestic, meanwhile as the second one in worldwide.

Gissen Tech firstly delivered commercial SFP-T optical module with high performance in domestic.

All Gissen products are compliant with RoHS through strict test and inspection.

Gissen Tech delivered commercial XENPAK as the first company in domestic.
In April of this year, Gissen products were upgraded so that can support DOM.

Feb 2008, Gissen Tech was the first to deliver commercial X2 in domestic.
May 2008, Gissen Tech announced commercial X2-CX4 as the first company in domestic.
And meanwhile Customer Service Center was set up this month in order to upgrade our customer service quality comprehensively.
Aug 2008, Gissen Tech successfully announced commercial XFP in domestic.

Gissen Tech took the lead to deliver commercial XENPAK/X2 DWDM in domestic.
In May of this year, Gissen Tech was a pioneer to announce commercial SFP+ in domestic.

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