Sales terms and conditions :

The document contains the terms and conditions applicable to Gissen products you purchase. Please read the following words carefully which refer to your rights and obligations, and some restriction and exclusion clause may be available to you. Please make sure you fully understand those terms and conditions,and agree to accept and to be bound by them before you place an order with Gissen.

Gissen- Shenzhen Gissen Technologies Co., Ltd.
Product-Products and supporting services that customer points out in the purchase order and Gissen provides、accepts and approves.
Customer- Individual、company or other organizations who purchase Gissen products.
Sales contract-A contract that Gissen sells products and/or services to customer. The terms and conditions of the document is an integral part of the sales contract.

Article I General principles:
If without a clear written contract, terms and conditions in the document should be taken as the only one while Gissen sells products to customer. In addition, Gissen selling behavior should take customers' acceptance of terms and conditions in the document as premise.

Article II Contract forming:
2.1 For all customer’s order information by any means, Gissen reserves the right whether to accept.
2.2 A sales contract forms when any of the following conditions happen(Be subject to the earliest ):
2.2.1 Customer accepts Gissen quotation(by email、fax or any other nonverbal means)
2.2.2 Customer order placed by any means is accepted.
2.3 Customer should guarantee that the signature and performance of contract is legal, and have owned all the agreement and authorization necessary for this purpose.

Article III Supply:
Gissen reserves the right to refuse to sell products for any reasons or without reason. Gissen has the right to modify products specification and cease to produce or sell products without consent of customer。Gissen disclaims all responsibility for the compensation or claims for damages (including but not limited to accidental, consequential or punitive damage) caused by Gissen's unable to supply products.

Article IV Price and Payment:
4.1 Gissen will offer a written quotation (by email or fax) to customer after receiving their inquiry sheet (by email or fax). The quotation is for thirty days since being offered. Gissen refuses to provide and accept any verbal quotation.
4.2 Product price and terms of payment shall be clearly stipulated writing in sales contract.
4.3 The written formal quotation offered by Gissen is property of Gissen, which content is confidential. Customer shouldn’t turn it to a profit, and offer to any third party without Gissen permission.
4.4 Unless Gissen expressly assents cash on delivery (COD) in written form (original document or facsimile), payment should be 100% paid off before actual delivery. Gissen will arrange delivery after receiving customer’s cash or cash equivalent.

Article V Delivery:
5.1 Gissen ensures to deliver the goods to the destination named in the customer’s ordering information. Gissen has the right to choose good credibility carrier and reasonable shipment. Gissen provides express delivery at our expense at present.
5.2 Any delivery date informed by Gissen is just the estimated date, which doesn’t constitute the terms of contract. Under no circumstances will Gissen assume any responsibility for increased costs and profit or goodwill loss and any other special or direct or indirect loss caused by delay or non-delivery.
5.3 Once products arrived at the named destination and were signed by customer, it will be deemed to be delivered to customer. It should be signed by designated consignee, or Gissen agrees with signature signed by cachet of enterprise or other legal seal of enterprise when the designated consignee cannot sign.

Article VI Inspection and Acceptance:
6.1 Customer should verify the products on delivery. The products will be deemed to be accepted in good conditions and satisfy the contractual specifications unless the customer raises an objection on delivery.
6.2 On receipt of goods within three days, customer should inform Gissen in written form whether accepts the performance of the goods or not. No notification in time will be deemed to constitute acceptance of the goods or services.

Article VII Ownership of the product:
7.1 Ownership of the product will transfer to customer after customer payment to Gissen designated account (or paid off with cash).
7.2 In spite of preceding clause, ownership of the product will transfer from customer to Gissen automatically while the contract is terminated for whatever reason.

Article VIII Quality Assurance:
8.1 Since the delivery date, Gissen provides a thirty-six months warranty unless other written request. (Be exclusive of any group, individual and enterprise which gets Gissen product from our customer.)
8.2 The quality assurance isn’t suitable for any damage, breakdown, defect and failure due to any external cause. The external cause includes: accident, abusing and misusing the goods, problems of power supply, installation and/or storage and/or use not according to the manual, lack of necessary maintenance, normal abrasion, natural disaster, fire, flood, war, violence or any other similar event; The problems caused by someone who is not Gissen employee or Gissen authorized personnel when debugging, fixing or supporting Gissen products and using component not from Gissen.
8.3Customer could apply for maintenance when occurred problems not to be covered in 8.2 terms which listed damage, fault, defect and failure due to external cause while product is still in valid thirty-six months warranty. Please send application form of return goods by email or fax after filling out, and return the products need repair after getting approval of Gissen. Customer should assume transportation and insurance costs of return goods and undertake the risk of loss or damage. Gissen will deliver the repair or replacement to customer at our expense.

Article IX Disclaimers about technical advice:
All technical advice of product usage given by Gissen is free. Gissen assumes no obligation or liability for any advice presented or any results of it. Any risk of taking technical advice should be undertaken by customer.

Article X Orders Cancellation and Return Goods:
10.1 If canceling the confirmed order, customer should pay for it according to the updated Gissen orders cancellation policy and assume all losses of Gissen.
10.2 If part number, appearance or performance of product isn’t compatible with pre-agreed requirements upon by both parties, customer could choose some or all of return.
10.3 Customer can only return products with the consent of Gissen. If returning product without our permission, Gissen has the right to reject the goods and refuse to refund the price of the rejected goods.
10.4 Return goods must be in original status as it left factory, otherwise Gissen has the right to reject the return.

Article XI Limitation of liability:
No matter what responsibility by fault, tort, agreement, guarantee or any other reason, any claim of whatever nature against Gissen should not exceed the total selling price of product. In any case, Gissen shall not be liable for incidental, consequential or punitive damage, installation charge or any other cost by using or selling Gissen product (no matter whether it’s being used according to the instructions).

Article XII Compensation:
With regard to any losses, damages, costs, expenditures, debts or claims that Gissen has suffered, for customer breaks the terms and conditions, customer should consent to make compensation and guarantee Gissen against loss.

Article XIII Force majeure:
Gissen shall not be liable for any delay or failure in performing any or all of its contract obligations due to the event of force majeure, including but not limited to natural disaster, fire, flood, accident, riots, war, government intervention, embargo, strike, difficulties caused by labor, equipment failure or any others beyond control of Gissen.

Article XIV Governing Law:
The terms and conditions apply to and will be explained by Law of the People's Republic of China. Disputes relating to the terms and conditions should be resolved by friendly negotiation between the two parties. But if unsuccessful, any party shall submit the dispute to the people’s court with jurisdiction at the place where Gissen is situated for arbitration. The arbitrate award is final and binds upon both parties. Both parties cannot submit the case to any other arbitration tribunal .Arbitration fee shall be borne by the losing party.

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