Why choose a Gissen optical transceiver ?

Since 1999, Gissen Tech has taken “to provide users with high-quality products” as our management principle. As we fully realize that optical transceivers have played an important role in data communication industry, we adhere to execute the necessary steps to ensure the reliability of our products.
In order to make sure that all Gissen transceivers are in correct operation and display the optimum performance, Gissen Tech makes strict and detailed quality assurance procedures, so that all Gissen transceivers with outstanding quality and excellent performance, and 100% compatibility according to special designs.

Gissen Tech:
As a professional designer and manufacturer of optical transceivers, Gissen Tech has grown
to be an independent optical transceivers manufacturer. From a single optical transceivers manufacturer to an enterprise which can support hundreds of products for mainstream Datacom transmission equipment manufacturers, Gissen Tech’s achievements come from our high attention to reliability and compatibility. Reliability is the cornerstone of our product strategy, while compatibility is the bridge. The reliability and compatibility make customers have a high confidence with our products. Gissen Tech always focuses on product details and quality, and strives for product reliability and compatibility beyond industry standards.

Industrial standard:
Gissen Tech manufactures products strictly according to specifications.

Outstanding quality:
Gissen Tech is proud of the quality and credibility of our product materials. The materials of designs and production are from those suppliers according with Gissen high quality standards.

To ensure 100% reliability and compatibility, Gissen optical transceivers are designed according to international rules and comply with the specific needs of various equipment manufacturers. We make tests on mainstream networking manufacturers equipments. As the performance of optical transceiver making a tiny change for different brand data equipments, Gissen design standards will consider the demand of equipment when designing.
Product components:
Gissen Tech has a strict control from raw materials purchase to test and until products on sale.

Gissen Tech adopts multilevel, multi-section and multi-method testing system to ensure quality control in the whole manufacturing process. All finished products are 100% tested.

Compatibility of Gissen Products:
The design of Gissen products has been advanced to produce transceivers to match with different equipments. It indicates that the design and production of transceivers will vary according to different equipment manufacturers.

It’s very convenient to purchase Gissen products. Gissen optical transceivers support networking equipments of most manufacturers. Gissen Tech offers a variety of products to meet customers’ requirements. We provide various optical modules widely applied for data communications. Our free technical support hotline can help you solve all problems about transceivers.

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