What is GBIC?

GBIC is short for Giga Bitrate Interface Converter. It is the interface device that converts the Gigabit electrical signal into optical signal. Being designed as a hot-pluggable device, GBIC is an interchangeable product in accordance with international standards. Gigabit switches with the GBIC interface have already made up for a large share in the market because of the excellent interchangeability. Gissen’s GBIC products have been tested rigorously in Gigabit switches of companies, and the performance indicators can meet the requirements.

What is SFP?

SFP is short for SMALL FORM PLUGGABLE, and it can be simply interpreted as an upgrade version of the GBIC. SFP is twice smaller than GBIC in volume, so it is feasible to configure ports twice than GBIC in the same panel. The other features of SFP are the same as GBIC’s. Some switch manufacturers call the SFP "MINI GBIC".

What are the kinds of fiber?

Fiber is divided into multi-mode fiber and single-mode fiber: For it’s cheap light-emitting devices and easy construction, multi-mode fiber is widely used in the short distance communication. The multi-mode fiber is divided into 50μm core diameter ‘s and 62.5um core diameter’s, and the 62.5μm is more common, but worse than 50μm’s in the performance. Our GBIC-SX multi-mode products are suitable for both multi-mode optical fibers, with the transmission distance of 550 meters (in the 50μm fiber) and 330 meters (in 62.5μm fiber) respectively.
Single-mode fiber with 9μm core diameter is generally used in the long-distance communication. Our single-mode GBIC products in single-mode fiber can reach the transmission distances of 10 km, 20 km, 70 km, 120 km. While the single-mode transceivers of general switches manufacturers only can support 10 km and 70 km. Products in 20km can effectively save the overall cost of a specific network solution for those system integrators, and products in 120 km are applied to a particularly long operating environment.

What international standard do the transceivers meet?

All Gissen’s GBIC, SFP, and 10G products are in accordance with the latest international standard specification, and compliant with switches, routers, firewalls of Cisco, Huawei, 3COM, ZTE, Extreme, Foundry, Juniper, Enterasys, Nortel, D-Link, H3C, Allied Telesis, NETGEAR, IBM, Dell, HP, Alcatel, ZyXEL and so on.

What is the transceiver quality assurance?

All Gissen’s GBIC, SFP and 10G products are under rigorously compatibility and performance test, so to satisfy the first-class product quality. All Gissen’s transceivers have a free warranty period of three years.

What are the advantages of Gissen optical transceivers?

Gissen specializes in supplying hot-pluggable optical modules. Gissen's competitive advantages are reflected in three aspects: firstly, there is a huge stocks of common optical transceivers to meet timely delivery; secondly, there is an obvious advantage in price; thirdly, the abundance product lines can give customers more choices.

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